Why Digital Photography?

It aids creativity.
Provides immediate results.
Ideal for subsequent image processing.
Better control over the image making process.


Images can say so much about you, your business and your products or even the services you provide. Digital photography can provide you with images that transcend the normal!

These days we live in such a visually-rich commercial world that you simply have to show your customers your good or services, and you need to do so as well as you can. If you don't, your competitiors will! Making do with second-rate photos places you at a real disadvantage. You HAVE to aim higher than that!

Considering the uses to which photographs can be put, I have included eight of the major categories below. Perhaps by inspecting the images in each category, you might see how the power of the image might be brought to bear on your product or service.


Explore the scope and variation of the photographs in these categories

(click on any of the following to open up its album of images)

Images well suited to creating an atmosphere

Out and about to capture impressive locations

From misty mornings to totally abstract images

Product photography comes under this category

Documentery, accurate and unadorned images

Close-up and even closer

Images you want to reach out and touch

Nature in all her glory