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Image (bit-map or raster)



This is without doubt, the best image editor, bar none. It's my editor of choice (I use the CS2 version) since it's such an industry standard and if you are in the graphics business, you have to be able to use PhotoShop. Having said that, it's expensive, so probably only likely to appeal to professionals. Take a look at the Adobe web site for details Fortunately (for the impoverished) there's a very good free editor available that goes by the name of GIMP.

GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Take a little time to learn the GIMP way of doing things and you'll be amazed at what can be achieved with this great application. It's so-called 'open source', which means 'free to use' and 'free to modify' (if you are a brilliant programmer). Fortunately you don't need to be a brilliant anything the make good use of this excellent program. Go to for more information and download.



This is a very good system of managing images on your hard disk. It essentially produces a database of thumbnails that helps you navigate around, choose and use your images easily. Check out the developer's web site for details and download. It's a commercial application, costing from $60 to $160 depending on your choice of licensing options.



A very impressive fractal flame generator / editor which takes advantage of modern versions of Microsoft Windows, providing a big set of features and has a polished user interface. This is open-source (free). Go to the SourceForge web site for info and download.

Mystica (the artful generator)

Is a powerful application for the production of abstract images, and much more. It's a commercial program, but quite inexpensive. It's available as Shareware, so you can download and try it out before registering. Go to the developer's website to learn more and download trial version.


A real time freeware fractal generator for MS Windows with support for many different fractal types (2D and 3D), true color support, animation support. It can produce some stunning images, which can be the basis for many a background. For info and download, go to the developer's web site. chaospro

Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal is a tool to create impressive fractal art. It is quite easy to use but has some really powerful features, so with a bit of experimenting, one can get some amazing results. Visit the developer's web site to learn more and download a trial version.

Drawing (vector and line art)

2D Editors

Xara Xtreme Pro

Xara have long been established as leaders in the field of vector graphic editors. Xtreme Pro is smaller, faster and easier to use than the main competition (Adobe Illustrator and Freehand). Check out this great product at the Xara web site.


If you want something less expensive than Xara Xtreme Pro, check out Inkscape (it's free). It's a very capable application with many really neat features. Find out more at

OpenOffice - Draw

Don't forget to consider using Draw from the OpenOffice suite for the less demanding jobs. If you haven't tried OpenOffice before, you are in for a real treat. In my opinion, it knocks spots off Microsoft Office, being simply - better at what it does.

3D Editors

Google Skecthup

Here's a real gem of a program. Most 3D apps have a hell of a steep learning-curve but here's a program that is easy to learn, powerful and free. That's a hard act to top.

Amorphium Pro

If you are after something more powerful, and you are willing to spend some time learning the ropes, then Amorphium Pro is a good contender for the slot. Find out more at

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