Does anyone really know who they are? {deep philosophical question!}. I think I'm a nice sort of chap that goes around helping old ladies across the street, getting cats out of trees and donating some of my time to good causes. Does that go far enough in saying who I am? No? Well, let me add that I live for all things graphical, especially representations of textures and surfaces. I enjoy photography and image manipulation in PhotoShop. You'll only really see what I'm about by exploring the whole of my site, so get clicking!

What is my purpose in life {another deep philosophical question!}. Fortunately the question "What do I do?" is simpler to answer. I design web sites. I create designs for print media (you know, letterheads, flyers and promotional material). I enjoy photography and love messing about with images in PhotoShop. I'm also hooked on art (only certain kinds, let me add). And, I have to include my keen interest and support for wildlife conservation. I think that's a fair answer to the question.

Am I any Good? Of course! Better than that, I'm brilliant! Seriously though, I can claim to have done some impressive work in my time which has kept many a client happy over the years. I only take on work that interests or challenges me, so I get a lot of pleasure from the outcome of my efforts. I have undertaken a very diverse mix of commissions over the years, from a database and reporting system for the Office of the Banking Ombudsman, through to web and print designs of many kinds, so please explore my site to see what this means in practice.

I rarely encounter a business that can't be improved by the application of a bit of careful design! Often, I see a crying-need for the application of some consistency of style or just something simple like a web presence that is customer-orientated. Even something like getting a few really good photographs of the products or services you provide can make a huge difference to the success of your business. It's ok if you have no idea how specifically I might help you. Just get in touch for a chat, and we'll take it from there.

Now that's a tricky one! Until we both agree on what type of service and how extensive they need to be, it's quite impossible to say. Anything that improves your business, while costing less than the resultant increased income has to be good value for money. As a rough guide, I charge at a fixed (and highly competitive) rate per hour, per service. Once I have assessed your needs, I'm much better equipped to quote a price, so to be fair, I only charge once the bounds and scope of a project have been mutually agreed. So, give your business needs some thought, then we'll talk costs - ok?

Wow! That's easy! You see the tab at the top right of this page, labeled 'Making Contact'? well, follow that advice, either by using the web form to get in touch or by phoning, if you prefer. You might already have a good idea of the type of service you are after, but even if you are clueless as to how to improve your business, that's not a problem; we can explore the possibilities together. Do you, for example, have a web presence? Are you ok with emails? Does your business stationery impress your clients, or leave them cold? - If any of these questions leave you wondering, then we really need to talk!

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Believe me, it's much easier creating web sites for other people's businesses than one's own. I suppose when putting my own site together I suffer from a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees!

When I design for others, I focus on what a new potential customer would want to learn about the products or services the business has to offer. Call it seeing through the eyes of your customers if you like, if that helps you understand my design approach. Whether I'm designing a web site, some promotional flyers, exhibition handouts or even taking photos of a client's products or premises, I stay true to the belief that seeing through the eyes of your customers, or striving to see what your customers want, results in the most effective design outcome.

In the modern business world, presenting anything less than a very best image of your business, products or services is letting your business down whereas a good, effective and clearly thought-out image instills confidence and unquestionably brings more trade to your door. By 'image' I mean much more than just getting a few photos to hand out. I mean adopting a consistent style that runs through every aspect of your business, so customers get the message, quickly, clearly and accurately.

Because of my belief in adopting a consistent style across all aspects of a client's business, I have worked long and hard to bring three key services together: Web Site Services, Graphic Design for print media and Digital Photography. Drawing on these three primary services, I'm ready to provide you with a range of top quality services at very competitive prices.